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Research: Publications

Selected Research

Consuming Regardless of Preference: Consumers Overestimate the Impact of Liking on Consumption
Heeyoung Yoon and Tom Meyvis, Conditionally accepted at Journal of Consumer Research

When You Think More Leads to Less: The Erroneous Belief That Adding Unattractive Items Will Reduce Consumption
Heeyoung Yoon and Tom Meyvis, Invited R&R at Journal of Consumer Research

Speaking Ill of Others: When Gossip Fosters Social Connection
Heeyoung Yoon, Alixandra Barasch, and Jonathan Berman, Manuscript in preparation 

Asymmetric Reactions to Product Upgrades vs. Downgrades
with Tom Meyvis, Working in progress.

Asymmetry in Context Effects
with Joshua Lewis and Minah Jung, Working in progress.


Adding is Favoured Over Subtracting in Problem Solving
Tom Meyvis and Heeyoung Yoon (2021), News & Views. Nature (592), 189-190 (Invited Commentary)

What Are Friends for: Shifting the Focus of Social Relationships to Their Instrumentality as a Response to Future Anxiety
Heeyoung Yoon, Haejoo Han, and Kyoungmi Lee (2020), Korean Journal of Marketing, 35 (2), 55-69.

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